INTERNATIONAL numbering plans

Subscription licences

To get access to certain information, such as on-line analysis tools and databases, we have a variety of subscription licences. Because not everyone needs everything, you can easily subscribe to only those licences you actually need. The Basic analysis licence is entirely free of charge.

Analysis licences

Database licences

Analysis licences give additional access to this website's analysis tools, such as the phone number analysis tools, IMEI analysis tool, SIM analysis tool, ISPC analysis tool, and the IMSI number analysis tools.

The Standard analysis licence is available for most types of users. Professional users can subscribe for longer periods, with the benefit of having a high limit on the allowed number of queries.

Database licences give access to the download area, where you will be able to download a variety of numbering plans databases, such as IMEI databases, ISPC databases, IMSI databases, phone number range database.

You can only request database licences if you are acting on behalf of a legal entity, such as a company, governmental agency, or organisation.

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