INTERNATIONAL numbering plans

About the company

International Numbering Plans is specialised in providing information and database products mainly about ITU recommendations E.123, E.129, E.162, E.164, E.212, and Q.708. International Numbering Plans primarily provides on-line search and analysis tools, as well as database downloads related to information about worldwide number range assignments for phone numbers, mobile networks, mobile phones, and international networks.

Our customers range from major Fortune-500 companies to small start-up companies, but also government and law enformencies agencies around the world. Some of them are AT&T, Time Warner, Morgan Stanley, Orange, O2, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, the US Department of Justice, and many other industry leaders. We also maintain good relations with many telecom regulators, operators, and experts from all over the world to keep our databases and on-line services accurate and up-to-date.

International Numbering Plans B.V. is a private limited company, carrying no outstanding liabilities or debts. It has been profitable since its conception. International Numbering Plans is headquartered in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.