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International Numbering Plans is specialised in world-wide (tele)communications related numbering plans, and offers a range of on-line services for a variety of market segments in the global telecommunications sector. Most on-line services are free of charge for personal or limited use. For professional and business use various subscriptions are available.

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Number analysis tools

Use the on-line analysis tools for finding out information about specific numbers. Analyses can be done on phone numbers, but also on IMEI, IMSI, IPSC, and SIM numbers. Subscription licences are available for professional or business use.

On-line numbering plans

You can browse through the full numbering plan databases on-line. When doing so, you can look at the specifics of individual entries. Restrictions may apply to users without the appropriate subscription licence.

On-line dialling tools

These tools are to provide assistance in finding area codes and how-to-dial information. Subscription licences may become available in the near future to offer the information on your own website via XML feeds.

Download databases

If you need access to (numbering plans databases), you need to have the appropriate subscription licence. These databases may help you reduce billing errors, rating or routing, or simply to prevent fraud or erroneous input.